The perfect health is not a disease Free State; it is the state of perfect balance of body, mind, soul, and sense organs. Ayurveda, the science of life may be traced back to the Veda (5000 BC to 4000 BC) in which many diseases are described along with hymns and herbs for their treatment.

Ayurveda considers that every living being is made from the combination of Panchamahabhutas , i.e. the 5 basic external substances or elements- Prthvi (Solid), Jala (Liquid), Tejas or Agni (Energy as heat and light), Vayu (Dynamic energy state of matter), Akasha (the time space entity) and the soul. Similarly, the universe and everything contained within it is made of the Panchamahabhutas and the universal consciousness.

The human body is composed of three fundamental constructs called Doshas (3), Dhatus (7), and Malas (3). The Tridoshas (i.e. 3 doshas - Vata, Pitta, Kapha ) are composed of the panchamahabhutas but one or the other is predominant.

The Ayurvedic approach towards the treatment consists of two major categories: Samshodhana Chikitsa or Panchakarma (Detoxification and tissue cleaning) and Samshamana Chikitsa (Palliative treatment). Samshodhana or Panchakarma (Detoxification and tissue cleaning) is the process of purging environmental and chemical toxins from your body, Such toxins can disrupt every system in your body .If our body is polluted with such toxins, its own detoxification system-namely the liver, lungs, skin, kidneys and lymphatic system cannot work properly, and these unruly poisons set up a shop at every cell of a body and soon begin to wreak havoc with our physical, mental and emotional well being. . Panchakarma instills sense of balance and calms right from the cellular level.

Panchakarma Treatment at Ideal Ayurveda Resort is an individual therapy that remains as faithful to the ancient Tradition as possible .It's system based on Natural Holistic healing by strengthening the body and mind, allowing natural healing mechanisms to work to their fullest potential. The physician determines the kind of procedure and the types of medicines to be used after detail examination of the patient. . Individual Person will be advised the Panchakarma treatments as per the doshic constitution in a healthy person and as per disease conditions in a patient.

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