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Ayurvedic Treatment for Liver Diseases

The liver is one of our most significant organs, maybe second only to the lungs and the heart. We can live with just one kidney or single lung and we can do without the spleen entirely, but cannot survive without a functioning liver.  As our primary organ of detoxification, the liver plays a vital role in protecting the deeper tissues from impurities in the blood that might otherwise cause harm.

As our primary organ for detoxification, the liver processes the blood throughout the day and has a pint of it all the time. Alas, there are many liver diseases which people suffer from due to over conception of alcohol and other causes. Cirrhosis and hepatitis infection are the two most common diseases of the liver.

Ayurveda describes the liver as a fiery, hot organ. According to Ayurveda, there is a close relationship between the liver, Agni ( the fire principle), Pitta dosha and the energy of transformation.

When the liver is unable to perform well, it also leads to imbalance or distortion in all the three doshas or humor of the body viz. Vatha, Pitta, and Kapha.  The vitiation of imbalance in the natural working of liver along with the three doshas ultimately results in the formation of liver diseases. Pitha based problems of skin inflammation can be a direct result of liver imbalance.

Since liver diseases occur due to imbalances in Pitta Dosha, Virechana is the most beneficial treatment procedure.

Virechana is a purification therapy and one among the five scared healing therapies of panchakarma. The therapy helps in cleansing the body from excess pitta accumulation, purifying blood and clearing toxins. The therapy basically concentrated on the toxins accumulated in the liver and gallbladder, thus cleansing the gastrointestinal tract completely.

The therapy involves intake of ayurvedic and herbal medicines that destroy the doshas and toxin from the body and bring them to the abdomen. Since Pitta is situated at the level of intestines, it is best to expel it from the anal route. The Ayurvedic medicines used for the therapy may vary from person to person depending on the patient’s digestion strength.

During the Virechana treatment, the patient will be subjected to oral intake of ayurvedic medicines followed by fermentation. The patient will also be subjected to personalized light and warm diet.

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