Belinda Shaw, Australia
I spent a month at Ideal & had a fantastic time.  I went on my own, but easily made friends because of the homely & relaxed atmosphere.  Manager is priceless & I am sure my first trip to India wouldn't have been half as good without him there helping me to arrange outings & travel.  The treatments were fantastic, the accommodation was fantastic, & the food..... it was the tastiest month of my life! It feels more like you are a part of a family; this is missing from the larger commercial resorts.
Patricia O'Dea, Ireland
Intimate and caring it is the “ Ideal Ayurvedic Resort “ Once you meet Manager the Manager you just know you have made the right decision to come here.
Britt Marie Oloffsson, Sweden
Time seems to fly, and it almost seems ages ago since I left my dear Kerala home and the perfect holiday in 'God's Own Country'... I just read in a magazine on holidaying in Kerala, that it was Paul McCartney – ex-Beatle – that once said about Kerala: "It's truly God's own country", and that the Kerala Tourist Board has used this slogan since… Interesting, I thought…I realize, I have only been back home for hardly three weeks, but it seems much longer… Well, I have been back to work since the day after I arrived, and I have been quite busy since… And I realize I feel extremely well these days… It is such a change compared to when I first visited 'God's Own Country' and *Ideal almost five years ago, and this I thought I wished to communicate to you, Christudas & the Ideal Team… I really experience a great sense of mental and physical strength these days as well as a general sense of well being… This actually dawned on me already when I was in 'Ideal', and upon returning home, it stands out very clearly… It was such a good holiday – a bit short – short but sweet! And it certainly restored some energies...

And with this little message I wish to say THANK YOU to the whole IDEAL TEAM and Wishing You Blessings of Light & Love* Britt
Christel,Christel Stahle, Sweden
I must tell you how thankful I am that I could have this fantastic and healing time at your place! I hope you are well and that many others have found their way to you. I think one of my friends is on her way now. Fredrica Mars, take good care of her. I operated my knee two weeks ago. They took away the old damaged knee and put in a new one. It is a quite common operation here and everything went well. I was awake and all the time during the operation and the hours after, before I could feel my legs again, I was imagining a treatment by Kavitha and her skilled and loving hands. It must have helped me very much because the doctors cannot understand how a could heal so fast! And I told them about Ayurveda and my 26 treatments and said: that is why. Everybody: doctors, nurses and friends have never seen something like it! After two days, I was walking with crotches. After three days, I was going up and down the stairs. After five days, I didn't have to use the crotches any more! After eight days, I could drive the car. And I think all this was possible because of you at Ideal. I have already thanked God with all my heart and now it is your turn! Thank you for helping me so much! I want you to tell everybody there, especially Kavitha. How I miss her! Moreover, you dear Manager are beautiful person! Tomorrow I start working and I feel good about that, although I am still a little tired. Many warm greetings
Daria Topalska, Bulgaria
It is Daria
First, I want to say a big Thank You for everything! It was the best time I had this 3 weeks in Ideal having all the magical treatments, the most delicious food, and you Manager looking after everybody I feel me in a different way I am very happy with myself after spending 3 weeks in Ideal having the Ayurveda treatments, the Yoga..., and the food :), everything...!

I am thinking of coming back very soon and stay for another 3 weeks. Very soon, I will know exactly when and will let you know. I think it will be in the middle of February. Thank you so much again, Best wishes: Daria.
Burget Emilie, France, Paris
"Since I am interested in Ayurveda for a few years, I wanted to discover the roots of this old medicine. I came by chance at ideal and I am sure it was the right choice. The atmosphere here is very peaceful; all the< people working here are nice and positive and make you feel so good. The place is very clean, the food is unbelievable and the massages of courses are just the best I have ever had. Manager the manager of the place is very serious and concerned by the "curists". Therefore, after 15 days of rejuvenation treatment and back to Paris, I still feel the positive effects on the treatment (mind & body). Thanks ideal and just stay the way you are!" Emilie, France, March 2008
Jonathon Martin, London ,UK
'I recommend Ideal for it is a clean well run professional Healing centre. The treatment was fantastic, the good great & the setting as good as it gets. Try it for yourself!'
Jane and Randy, Tulsa, USA
Dear Manager & Ideal Team
Thank you so much for the most beautiful 2 weeks of our lives-Ideal is a most special place and you are a most special man. We look forward to seeing you again before too long. All our love
Jeff Peters
I have made the long journey from Los Angeles to India four times to receive treatments at the Ideal Ayurvedic Resort. I consider it my "home away from home". The staff and doctors there are all highly trained in the science of Ayurveda and have been most helpful in treating my personal pathology, psoriatic arthritis. The quality of the treatments given by the staff at Ideal exceeds any of those I have received elsewhere. The oils and herbs used in the treatments are fresh and of the highest quality possible. The treatment rooms have a healing vibration that can be sensed immediately upon entering.

The accommodations, although not luxurious, are always very clean and well maintained. I also highly recommend the meals that are served at the Resort - everything is fresh, healthy, and cooked for the benefit of each guest's personal condition. It is impossible to leave Ideal Ayurvedic Resort without feeling some benefit from being there.
Chantal Guithar Gautier, France
"Notre court séjour dans le centre ayurvédique Ideal (1 semaine) a été merveilleusement reposant et energisant à la fois. Un détente totale, saine et sereine dans un havre de paix proche de la plage! Aucune ombre au tableau : atmosphère familiale, chaleureuse, et très serviable; une excellente cuisine typique du Kérala. Une équipe de soins ayurvédique très professionnelle, " zen ", dans le respect des traditions millénaires.

Manager est un manager très discret, super efficace, toujours aux petits soins pour ses pensionnaires ; très ouvert, il partage volontiers son point de vue sur la philosophie de la vie, les valeurs spirituelles de l'Inde, et nous avons eu de très belles discussions. Nous nous sommes vraiment ressourcés à Ideal, nous reviendrons c'est sûr, nous souhaitons à toute l'équipe Prospérité et Bonheur. "
Thomas & Dagmar: Konigowinter, Germany
"Now our time has gone by and we are happy we have had these 3 weeks of Panchakarma treatment in our Ideal Ayurvedic Resort

We have been totally ascetic (stopped smoking, coffee and alcohol) and it really was not so difficult to do this here. We have felt very 'at home' with the staff in Ideal, the excellent food and the professional treatment we have received.

We have had funny times too, especially with Managerprasad, he helped us so much in the hard first week. Sure, we will come back again. With much love"
Dr A D Evans and Mrs Joy Evans, Hyderabad , Andhra Pradesh, INDIA
"We started with a little apprehension to begin with but as the days passed we started to feel really good as a result of the various treatments. The entire staff of this resort pampered us, including the MD Mr Christudas. The hospitality and level of personalized care given by everyone is exemplary. The unmatched service and treatment made us feel very special.

My wife and I are really happy that we decided to come here and my wife's health problems have gone. We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone at Ideal, especially Manager and the MD. We are looking forward to being back here soon to have another holiday cum treatments. We wish prosperity and happiness to all here."
Marta e Sandra, Italy
"Ciò che distingue questa oasi dagli altri report nelle vicinanze è l'alta qualità del servizio al cliente. Io e mia madre abbiamo trascorso 5 giorni a dir poco splendidi all'Ideal Report e ci siamo sentite non sono ascoltate ma anche coccolate dallo staff durante la nostra permanenza. Fantastici i trattamenti ayurvedici rigeneranti per corpo e spirito, i pasti sani e gustosi, la pulizia degli ambienti e la spiaggia a due passi. E' stata un'esperienza indimenticabile…"

p.s.=Questo è davvero il posto ideale per gli "stressed-out westerns!" Per chi volesse contattarmi lu.marta@tiscali.it
Henry & Annah, Singapore
"This has been our first visit to Kerala and to Ideal Ayurvedic Resort. It has indeed been an excellent experience. Manager has been an asset; he has offered much help and guidance and has made our stay here an exciting and fruitful one. Special appreciation for Christudas for all his treatments and for taking good care of our health and stomachs!! Our deepest appreciation goes to our therapists Jacob and Shailaja.

Keep up the good work and excellent homely service. We strongly recommend this resort- we'll be back!! Special thanks are given to the Master, Mr Dharmadas."
Britt-Marie Olofsson: Stockholm, Sweden
"To experience 'Work is love made visible.' as Kahlil Gibran writes in 'The Prophet' you must simply go to Ideal Ayurvedic Resort, and you will just be so beautifully spoiled whilst relaxing in their loving care. Recently I went there for a second time. I had an acute problem with my left knee "locking" up due to damage to the meniscus. I had been using a crutch for six weeks and also painkillers. Upon arrival my whole body was aching, my knee was in great pain after a long journey, and my stomach was upset due to the painkillers. Having been in pain for six weeks I felt myself to be in complete disharmony.

Following a specially recommended treatment program for ten days, I could soon relax into the loving atmosphere and the health care carried out with such marvelously dedicated professionalism. After three days I could walk without the crutch and I realized I had not taken any painkillers since I arrived. Apart from thoroughly enjoying the ayurvedic treatments, I also took delight in their vegetarian menu (I have very choosy taste-buds indeed!) and just breathing their relaxed atmosphere seemed to have a healing effect. In retrospect I realize; that along with the knee improving I was encouraged to do just enough physical activity so as to activate the knee in proportion to its healing progress - from initially walking along a cemented beach walk to walking up steps in palaces and memorials.

The healing process is still going on since I arrived back home two weeks ago - during the last week I can stretch out the leg fully and get down into a squatting position as well as get up without any great effort, for the first time in 7-8 weeks. So I cancelled the operation scheduled for my knee. But better still is the more subtle effects of this treatment: I feel happier and have more energy and vitality than for a very, very long time, and I feel at harmony with myself yet again thanks to the dedicated work carried out in 'Ideal'."
Mohan Panicker: United Nations: Geneva, Switzerland
"I am no longer amazed but I am now convinced that Ideal Resort and it's keepers (Manager and Christudas) have created an ashram of ashrams - of peace, love, friendship - this alone can cure the human mind of its' sufferings.

It's been another amazing experience here at Ideal and I hope to come back for many more years to come. I sincerely hope that the quality of this genuine service and the goodness of these kind people will remain here for as long as possible. With deep appreciation."
Amanda, London
" It's our last day and looking at my watch I can see that we're well into our last hour; 13 days and nights have sailed past.

I came here having absolutely no idea what to expect but my mind was open. In less than two weeks I've felt completely transformed, my body feels as though it 's 'back in business' and I'm so relaxed I feel almost horizontal on a permanent basis!! This could not be further away from the hectic pace of London and is a real haven from madness, a home away from home.

I want to thank you all for making us both feel so welcome, for including us in the world of Ayurveda, and for all of your smiles and kindness. Christudas, in particular, you have achieved what I never thought possible; the concoctions that you've managed to persuade me to take is more than my mother managed in 27 years!

The massages, the variety of treatments, the food, the patient lessons and the wonderful homely environment you have created here will never be forgotten. Will definitely be in touch. Thanks."
Carol Jardine: Jardine Kelso, London
"A professionally run resort with a very relaxed and tranquil atmosphere. The rooms are spotlessly clean, and the staff are friendly and obliging. The food was delicious and the treatments carried out with skill and dedication. I can honestly say it was the most relaxing week that I have ever had - peace and tranquility in an Indian paradise. This is a holiday for real people who want to recuperate in a genuinely ayurvedic environment without having to pay for "the frills", yet with all the real benefits of trained practitioners, healthy diet and overall comfort. I will go back again next year without fail! See you there."
L. Beth Field: Yoga Instructor and Vedic Astrologer: Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
"Words can't describe my deep appreciation of Ideal Ayurvedic Resort as a place where the authentic traditions of ayurvedic healing live and grow. It is a rare place where very high levels of knowledge and experience combine with gracious hospitality to enhance every level of health. Thank you, each and everyone at Ideal, for your loving care."
Zelda Josephs: Brooklyn Heights, NY
"I spent a week at Ideal Aruvedic Resort, where I was rubbed, scrubbed, pounded, kneaded, oiled, and cleansed. I was rejuvenated to the core.

The food was of gourmet quality- fresh, clean, and beautiful. I would venture to say that I had one of the best meals in my life for lunch one day.

The treatments were divine and the staff attentive and wonderful, not to mention that the rooms are spotless. Frankly, I cannot recommend Ideal highly enough. It was like finding a needle in the haystack. It is the real deal!"

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