At Ideal Ayurvedic Resort, each individual is analyzed constitutionally followed by proper ayurvedic disease diagnosis and then therapies are started for the same. We provide Kizhi ayurveda massage treatment in Kerala that is unique to each individual and their body type (dosha), identifying the underlying factors in the ailment.

kizhi ayurveda massage treatment

Kizhi is one of the most effective therapies in Ayurveda. It is used for the treatment of several common and chronic ailments and is basically a part of Panchakarma. Kizhi massage kerala is a complete healing therapy that purifies and rejuvenates the body, mind, and soul.

In Kizhi ayurveda massage treatment, heated herbs and medicinal oils are tied in cloth bags first and kept in the area that is to be treated. After that, a specific gentle massage with the help of fingers, a heel of the hand or palm is provided to the patient. The bags are then placed with varying degrees of pressure on different body parts, with a special focus on areas where the marma – or nerve points – are located.

Based on the diagnosis and nature of ailments, Kizhi has been divided into three types of Panchakarma that are used for the treatment of different diseases.

Based on the diagnosis and nature of ailments, Kizhi ayurveda massage treatment has been divided in to :

Njavara Kizhi:In Njavara Kizhi a special rice cooked in herbal decoction with milk tied in a cotton cloth and then this hot pack massage is given all over the body. This is an excellent rejuvenation therapy.

Podi Kizhi: In Podi Kizhi the cloth bags contains herbal powder will be dipped in hot oil and massaged over the body.

Ela Kizhi: Elakizhi is a kind of sudation therapy using herbal leaves. The kizhi containing herbal leaves are fried with other herbal ingredients. The Kizhi is then immersed in warm herbalised oil and applied to the affected body parts.

  • Alleviate doshas, pain, and stiffness.
  • Helps the body get rid of wastes and toxins, thus leaving the body rejuvenated.
  • Especially useful in relieving pain, stiffness, and numbness.
  • Prevent Ageing.
  • Improve the quality of skin by adding shine and luster.
  • Reduce body weight.

Medicinal Indications:

Kizhi ayurveda massage treatment helps with a wide range of medical conditions including :

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Spondylosis
  • Muscular cramps
  • Obesity
  • Swelling
  • Diabetes
  • Low Back pain

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