At Ideal Ayurvedic Resort, each individual is analyzed constitutionally followed by proper ayurvedic disease diagnosis and then therapies are started for the same. We provide Shirodhara Ayurvedic Treatment that is unique to each individual and their body type (dosha), identifying the underlying factors in the ailment.

shirodhara ayurvedic treatment

Shirodhara ayurvedic treatment is a beautiful, a deeply relaxing treatment that involves pouring a stream of warm oil over the forehead. Shirodhara ayurvedic treatment is a part of Panchakarma Treatment and it involves a steady stream of oil is gently poured on the third eye center of the forehead just between the eyebrows. This calming Process saturates the head with the warm oil, soothing the peripheral nerves around the scalp and brain aiding in deep relaxation.

According to Ayurveda, when the brain is under stress, cerebral circulation is compromised. As oil is poured on the forehead, nervous system is deeply stilled. The brain waves slow down and become consistent. Once the brain is calm, more life energy and oxygen and other nutrients flow more freely to the brain. this results in better brain function, mood stability, and improved stress handling ability. With each successive Shirodhara ayurvedic treatment, the mind systematically achieved an even deeper state of silence and more healing takes place. Shirodhara ayurvedic treatment increase blood circulation to the brain improves memory, nourishes the hair and scalp, encourage sound sleep and clam body and mind.

Benefits of Shirodhara Ayurvedic Treatment:

  • Deep feelings of relaxation and tranquility
  • Relief from mental, Physical and emotional stress
  • Relief from psychosomatic diseases
  • Reduction in panic stress
  • Improve memory and concentration
  • Enhanced vision
  • Total mind and body rejuvenation

Medicinal Indications:

Shirodhara Ayurvedic Treatment helps with a wide range of medical conditions including:

  • Conjunctivitis
  • Glaucoma
  • Fever
  • Scalp or forehead injuries
  • Inflammatory diseases.

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