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At Ideal Ayurvedic Resort, each individual is analyzed constitutionally followed by proper ayurvedic disease diagnosis and then therapies are started for the same. We provide Kizhi ayurveda treatment massage in Kerala that is unique to each individual and their body type (dosha), identifying the underlying factors in the ailment.

kizhi ayurveda massage treatment

Kizhi treatment is one of the most effective therapies in Ayurveda. It is used for the treatment of several common and chronic ailments and is basically a part of Panchakarma. Kizhi ayurveda treatment is a complete healing therapy that purifies and rejuvenates the body, mind, and soul.

In Kizhi ayurveda treatment massage, heated herbs and medicinal oils are tied in cloth bags first and kept in the area that is to be treated. After that, a specific gentle massage with the help of fingers, a heel of the hand or palm is provided to the patient. The bags are then placed with varying degrees of pressure on different body parts, with a special focus on areas where the marma – or nerve points – are located.

Based on the diagnosis and nature of ailments, Kizhi ayurveda treatment has been divided in to:

Njavara Kizhi
Njavarakizhi is unique since Navara, which is a special form of medicinal rice, is the primary ingredient of this Kizhi ayurveda treatment massage. This is mixed into a concoction of milk and other medicinal herbs, heated, and tied into a kizhi. This form of kizhi ayurveda treatment massage is quite popular and is useful in rejuvenating the body muscles. It provides relief in case of paralysis and other neurological conditions.
Ela Kizhi
The term Ela refers to the leaves, but this form of kizhi ayurvedic treatment uses both leaves and roots of herbs. In this Kizhi the herbs are heated in oils and then the bundles are made. Since this kizhi does not retain heat for much long time, the physician need to heat the kizhi every time before the application of process. This Kizhi treatment is great at rejuvenating the body and relieves pain in case of join pain and improves agility in sports.
Podi Kizhi
Podikizhi has herbs that are dried and powdered. These are mixed into warm herbal oils and then added into muslin bags. The poultice is applied on the affected areas. Podikizhi is beneficial in case of rheumatic arthritis and in overcoming pain in muscles and joints. It is also effective in the treatment of chronic sports injuries.
Conditions where Kizhi Ayurvedic Treatment Massage is Beneficial:

Reduce Stress
Kizhi Ayurveda treatment massage improves blood circulation across the body, thus relieving the body from stiffness, fatigue, and the other physical and psychological symptoms caused by stress.
Controls Pain
Vata aggravation often leads to joint pains. The heat from the kizhi reduces vata roga and alleviates the associated pain. Improved circulation also helps the muscle tissues to recover faster. This treatment is very effective in the case of back pain.
Enhance Circulation
Kizhi Ayurveda treatment helps in increased sweating, thus the body readily eliminates toxins from the body. This helps in rejuvenation and in the treatment of inflammatory diseases.
Sports Injuries
The combined effect of herbal medication, heat and massage helps in the treatment of sports injuries.
Weight Loss
Kizhi treatment leads to heat-stimulated perspiration, which helps lose body weight.

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