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At Ideal Ayurvedic Resort, each individual is analyzed constitutionally followed by proper ayurvedic disease diagnosis and then therapies are started for the same. We provide Swedana Ayurvedic Steam Bath Therapy that is unique to each individual and their body type (dosha), identifying the underlying factors in the ailment.

Swedana Ayurvedic Steam Bath

Swedana Ayurvedic Steam Bath Therapy is a procedure which is used to induce sweating. Swedana Ayurvedic Steam Bath is generally done after snehana, before the administration of Pradhana Karma in panchakarma treatment. The therapy uses steam generated from medicated herbal decoctions to induce sweat or perspiration. The objective of the therapy is to dilute the channels of the body to detach the toxins out of the body. This therapy is ideal to establish a state of balance and also promote general health and well-being.

In Swedana oil is gently applied to the body and the patient is made to lie down in the chamber where steam emanates from boiling herbal decoction. Eyes are to be protected and wrapped in a piece of cloth while doing sudation. Treatment should be continued until the forehead and abdomen sweat very well.

This therapy is extremely beneficial for relieving excess doshas from the body and establishing a state of balance. It also provides relief from muscles aches and pains, removes any blockages of channels of the body, rejuvenates the skin and detoxifies the body.

Benefits of Swedana Ayurvedic Steam Bath Therapy:

Purifies tissue and eliminates toxins from the body
Swedana ayurvedic steam bath therapy dilute the srotas or body channels, thus purifies tissues and eliminates accumulated toxins from the body.
Improves blood circulation
Swedana ayurvedic steam bath therapy is very beneficial to the parts of the skin from our blood circulation and ensures these parts get extra nutrients and oxygen.
Relieves stiffness
Swedana ayurvedic steam bath therapy is considered to relieve stiffness and heaviness in the body by inducing sweating.
Improves digestion
Swedana ayurvedic steam bath therapy helps in nourishment to dhatus, increases in agnibala (digestive power) and increases strength of the body.
Reduces excess weight gain
Swedana ayurvedic steam bath therapy opens the pores and rids the body of all impurities through sweat glands. This cut down the excess fat and reduce weight loss.

Medicinal Indications:

Swedana Ayurvedic Steam Bath helps with a wide range of medical conditions including:

Swedana ayurvedic steam bath therapy opens up the body channels, mobilizes the dosha and is helpful for arthritis.
Swedana ayurvedic steam bath therapy relieves the discomfort of asthma & respiratory disorders.
Swedana ayurvedic steam bath therapy is very helpful in the treatment of congestion, common chronic sinusitis and all allergies.

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